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What are you giving up for Lent?

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I was just reading the latest edition of The Irish Catholic. Not my regular read, you understand, I had access to a copy of it and I thought: “It’s Ash Wednesday, why not see what the good paper have to say on one of their biggest days of the year.” This time of year must be The Irish Catholic‘s version of the Punchestown Festival…well, maybe not that big, but big.

Anyway, apart from all the child abuse scandals, retiring Bishops, and an editorial stab at Mary Raftery, Lent seems to have a fairly low profile within their 36 pages.

However, there is a “Going Green” campaign feature on page 12 which certainly makes you wonder about the benefits of giving up Penguin Bars for Lent. The article suggest an environmentally friendly approach for the next 40 days.

All the usual stuff is included (turn down your heat, conserve water, leave the car at home, look both ways before crossing the road, switch off electrical appliances, attend a table quiz,  hang out your washing instead of tumble drying etc) but it certainly got me thinking (seriously).

There are a lot of things around the home that people can do to help our environment. But those little things don’t help the kid on the front of the Trocáire box. Reducing our domestic bills is only gonna contribute to our lavish Easter party — lots of food, gargle, and chocolate. Or go towards paying your car’s NCT or your television licence. That doesn’t help the little kid on the front of the Trocáire box.

Lent is not about giving things up, apparently. Lent is about “not being greedy, cutting down on things we dont need, Fasting, not watching as much television or playing on Playstation, cutting down on our waste, caring for our environment” (The Irish Catholic page 27).

I’m gonna play less Playstation. The Trocáire kid will appreciate that.

A green Lenten campaign certainly has its merits. Obviously schools are teaching our kids to take this approach too, which is fantastic. Now, instead of kids sitting indoors, eating Wagon Wheels and baiting each other on Wii Boxing, they’ll be outdoors running through meadows with dogs, skipping, jumping rivers,  swapping Panini stickers, playing Feet Off The Ground, drinking Galahad Lager and sniffing petrol.

I’m being cynical.

Kids should be taught that there’s more to Lent than stuffing 18 pancakes into their gobs and then not eating Cocopops until Easter Sunday. The environment angle certainly adds a new dimension and it is to be applauded.

For me, I’ll be abstaining from all kinds of nice stuff for the next 40 days and nights. That means no sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks, crisps, take away food (chipper and Chinese), cakes and biscuits. Popcorn is allowed seeing as it’s made of air. And I never mentioned Thai food. Also, plain biscuits are permitted…like digestives, or maybe a Rich Tea if can get them. I can’t wait.

I tried this venture before at Lent — about three years ago I think. It wasn’t very successful. I broke a number of times. This year’ll be different. I promise. I’ll be fully expecting to drink a squeezable bottle of honey to get my sugar fix. Or I’ll be whacking little Bono tomorrow night at the recoding of Jonathan Ross’ show. It depends how much honey is available at the BBC studios.

No Line On The Horizon

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[For a proper review of U2’s new album, please go here https://ohsitdown.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/u2s-no-line-on-the-horizon/.]



U2‘s new album is “only” at number 12, or something. Honestly, I couldn’t give a shiny one. I’m no big U2 fan, though i did attend one of their Croke Park gigs a couple of years ago thanks to a free ticket. Moreover, I certainly don’t get into a tizzy at the band’s releases. I’m really not bothered.

However, it appears that i’m gonna be at another performance of the band this week, courtesy of Jonathan Ross, of all people.


Mrs Ohsitdown successfully secured a quad of tickets for this week’s recording of the Friday Night With Jonathan Ross show at the BBC studios in London. Thankfully the Ohsitdown’s family schedule has been altered to allow for a hastily arranged break to Lahndan. U2 are the musical act lined up for this week’s JR show.

I haven’t heard anything from the new U2 album though I have a feeling I will be sorely tempted to download the latest offering from the twatters before I head to Dublin Airport on Thursday. Something for my ipod to get worked up about during the flight.

My personal opinion is that U2 are one of the most over-hyped bands on Earth. I dont undersand what all the fuss is about. Admittedly they do have some good songs. Maybe it’s just the band members i dont like, or maybe it’s just Bono. I don’t care anymore.

It is said that everyone in Ireland has “a Bono story”– a tale of when they bumped into the Bonoi Lama himself. I dont have any such stories. I dont like the little man with the big boots and the even bigger attitude. Is he affected by the recession? Bloody sure he’s not. Does he shop around for cheaper car insurance? Bloody sure he doesn’t. He pays full whack.

Anyway, on with the show. Thursday should be great craic. Also on the JR show is Sir David Attenborough, some British actress with a Blunt surname, and Clive Owen. Mrs Ohsitdown is particularly pleased with the last-named. In fact, I would be willing to bet that she would prefer that I wasnt there at all….I’d only embarrass her in front of him.


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My ipod has been thanking me continuously recently. It is fairly new and i’m in the arduous process of filling it with aural gems. That, by the way, is a more time-consuming task than filing away all those stacks of bills and statements  I have gathering dust at home in my castle. Stacks of cds take ages to rip, convert and sync you know…..but that’s another day’s blog.

Anyway, I keep getting thank yous from my pod, largely because i’ve been listening virtually non-stop to The Airborne Toxic Event‘s self-titled album. In a word, it is class.

Fair enough, it may not feature on too many definitive Top 100 Albums Of All Time lists, but it’s a terrific prescription of uptempo, melodic tunes straight out of The Brilliant Trees and Whipping Boy‘s song-writing classes.

The five-piece hail from Los Angeles and got their name from a section of Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise. They are signed to Majordome Records, who also have The Von Bondies on their books.

Anyway, back to the music.

As well as sounding very much like the late 1990s Irish bands mentioned above, the band have a real Razorlight feel. All-in-all, The Airborne Toxic Event know how to blast out a roaring track with tremendous melodies.

Possibly the star attraction on the album is Sometime Around Midnight, which recalls a guy’s drunken night out in a bar and a piece of eye-candy he obviously yearns. The lyrics are very clever and the song builds and builds and builds with a powerful drum and bass combo.


The opening number, Wishing Well, offers a fast punchy beat – perfect opener. Papillon, which strangely has nothing to do with the Ted Walsh-trained horse who won the 2000 Aintree Grand National, has a very Nick Cave-sounding vocalist and has a very catchy melody. Gasoline hits you as being a very happy song — it’s very catchy and has a super riff.

The track Does This Mean Your Moving On? has a distinct Shed Seven aroma – it’s an uptempo song with some catchy lyrics.

Regretably, there are also two or three  fairly forgettable album fillers on there that only die hard fans will be screaming for them to play at their gigs.

Nevertheless, the album overall is a winner. Their style, their lyrics, and the lead singer (who somebody said reminded him of Glen Hansard) should appeal massively to Irish audiences.

Get downloading my friends. Winner alright.