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Eto’o to Inter…WTF?

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In fact, that WTF is not really aimed at Eto’o’s want to leave Barca to go and play in a league that used to be called the best in the world but in fact was as slow as a boat and just paid the biggest wages, but it’s the fact that Barcelona want to sign the footballer formerly known as Zlatan Ibrahimovic as part of an elaborate swap deal that could see Alexsander Hleb go on loan to Inter too.

Show us yer teeth

Show us yer teeth

However, I’ve watched football a few times, seen a few games, even attended a few games in my lifetime, but i have rarely seen a more over-rated forward as Ibrahimovic. Perhaps Luis Garcia. Anyway…

Despite scoring this goal :

which was scored against a viciously poor defense (have they never seen a dummy before?), Ibrahimovic has done nothing else, except accept ridiculously large wage packets the likes of anyone reading this will never experience.

So why would Barcelona want to sign this flash in the pan?

Ibrahimovic’s stats read brilliantly. In a career that has seen him play for Ajax, Juventus and Internazionale, the Swede has scored 131 times in 272 league games. That’s an average of 0.48 per game. That’s pretty good by anyone’s standards. The only drawback is, like lots of players with good records, he rarely hits the headlines in the big “must win at all costs” games. Ibrahimovic is a scaredy cat, shirking at the first signs of the big alley cats jumping on dumpsters, hiding away from vicious tom cats, afraid to pop his head out and only surfaces when it’s daylight and all the big rats have already been eaten. He then preys on little mice. Ibrahamovic is best when the going is easy and the opposition is rubbish.

Now, let’s have a quick look at where he’s going to: Barcelona, in the real best league in the world. Barcelona will finish either first or second in La Liga this season, with or without Ibrahimovic. Eto’o was a proven goalscorer in Spain whom i’m sure will score hatfuls wherever he plays. He will slot into Italian soccer like a tomato into Mama Ragu’s spaghetti bolognase.

Ibrahamovic’s career will continue to blossom in Spain, meaning he will score against pitiful opposition, but will struggle to cope with meaner, tougher defences. This is the main reason why Ibrahamovic will never suceed in the Premier League. The defenders are too tough. Though Ibrahamovic is no shrimp — he’s around the 6′ 3” mark. Though look at Didier Drogba — biggest brick shithouse of a striker in the world yet he falls over as easy as Old Man Winters after a bottle of Famous Grouse.

I digress.

Real Madrid’s spending this summer looks to have sealed La Liga. They will be a force to be reckoned with this season, providing they avoid imploding. Eto’o, who has been unhappy at Barcelona for some time now, must be pleased to be skipping the country for Inter Milan where they will again be thereabouts for another Serie A title.

Back Real Madrid to win La Liga and Samuel Eto’o to be Serie A’s top goalscorer. I cant find any prices yet but when i find some, I will post back here. If there’s a lay Ibrahamovic market on Betfair to be top goalscorer in Spain, then lay him for all you can afford.