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Amazing project…but in Tipperary?

In News on October 21, 2009 at 15:37

It’s a long way to Tipperary….but soon, lots of people may be going there a lot more often.

An incredible venture is about to undertaken in the county, one that I cannot really believe will actually take place. People in the know have made assurances that a lot of the groundwork and capital are in place.

The project is being called The Tipperary Venue. The people handling the PR are calling it “the largest development of its kind in Ireland”.

Here’s the amazing bit….the components of this wonderful construction.

It will include an all-weather racecoursea greyhound track, a golf course and driving range, an equestrian centre and….wait for it…..a15,000 seater music/entertainment venue — that’s bigger than the new O2 arena in Dublin.

There will also be a replica built of The White House.

An all-weather racecourse has been talked about for the Tipperary region for some years now and i’m sure the new racecourse/greyhound track will be closely modelled on the Dundalk operation.

A golf course and driving range, an equestrian centre…ambitious projects in themselves, and of course a huge 15,000 seater arena.

Who’s gonna use a place like this? How many people even live in the County of Tipperary? Will the golf course attract enough members to make it viable? Or will it be a championship course?

And what about Tipperary’s already existing three racecourses in Clonmel, Tipperary Town and Thurles? Is there a market for a fourth racecourse in the county?

A 15,000 seater music hall? Will top international acts be including Tipperary on their world tours? Only top international acts will be able to sell-out an arena that size. Sometimes those big international performers dont even come to Dublin.

Perhaps the biggest question is: Who is providing the funding? How much will this venture cost?

On a positive note, it’s great for local employment and residents of Tipperary and surrounding counties will have a proper all-round facility on their doorstep.

There is a press conference/media briefing next week ahead of submission of the planning permission. When more details of this impressive/ambitious project are announced, they’ll be posted here…….

  1. It isn’t a long way to Tipperary anymore. With the M8 motorway, the site is about an hour from Cork and an hour from the M50. The new racetrack will be of such a high standard that the other three can be expected to close. Lastly, the population of Tipp itself won’t affect the viability of the project – its extremely strategic location on the M8 will, however.

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