Oh Sit Down

Vampire Weekend

In music, Song, Television on November 24, 2009 at 12:46

Since when did vampires become trendy? Everything seems to revolve around blood these days…Twilight (and all), True Blood, for the older vintage there’s Buffy…..

Luckily for Vampire Weekend, they’re named after vampires. Very current indeed. Everyone these days loves vampires (all the females in True Blood want to get bitten by them, even some of the males) and everyone loves weekends. Win, win.

I caught this video on television recently. It has nothing to do with vampires. Or weekends. But if you like alleys, then this is the video for you.

I remember a computer game years ago…on the Atari I think….it was called Alley Cat. I know, I know….I was very young.



  1. I’ve never stopped loving Buffy. I mean I want to love her, but they keep my at arms length. I just want to love her is all. Sweet love is all. They call police on me. So I had to make do with that skanky Faith instead.

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