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Harry Potter smokes a spliff

In Celebshitty news on December 9, 2009 at 12:34

tastes so fine

Apparently, a couple of weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe was “spaced out” after smoking cannabis at a party.

Diirty diirty boy. Leviosa yourself out of that one ‘Arry.

Apparently there are even photographs of him smoking a joint at the party in London. The reports even go so far as to say that he was charming the ladies in his vicinity with tales of his drug gobbling. In a sublime attempt to win over a girl, he allowed her to draw a moustache on his face. It was Movember after all, though i dont think this was what was on his mind as she pushed a crayola along his upper lip.

After a few giggles and possibly a bit of petting, Radcliffe was reported to have announced that:  “I love weed!” Undying love, how sweet.

However, Radcliffe’s Uncle Sam, employed as his watchman, got a bit antsy when he realised that two other people recognised ‘Arry and started taking pics and recordings of him on their mobile phones. Radcliffe was plucked from the Cheech party by the scruff of the neck and frogmarched outta there.

What’s the world coming to? ‘Arry smokin the ‘erb? What will be next? Hermione eating rats in the jungle? Ron admitting he’s gay? Severus Snape to admit he is a disgraced former cleric of the Irish church and has been run out of his village in Mayo by a band of angry parishioners?