Oh Sit Down

John and Edward

In Song on October 19, 2009 at 15:10

I’m all for Irish twins winning X Factor, but there’s one minor thing missing from John & Edward’s cv…they cannot sing. They’ve survived this long because Louis Walsh loves blond irish boys.

Rhydian (that weird blond/ayrian-looking bloke) may have been hated but that was due to his appearance and his style of singing. At least Rhydian could sing. These boys are being hated because they cannot sing and they are taking up a slot on the show that could be given to someone with a genuine talent.

However, there’s another part of me that wants this talentless duo to win the competition because that will teach these rubbish shows how easy it is to manipulate the voting…..And Ireland cant even vote in the X Factor. There is no doubt in my mind that the British public are keeping John & Edward in the competition to spite Simon Cowell.

Am I right?!

Long live John & Edward.

DISCLAIMER: I dislike everything that X Factor stands for…i only watch it because Mrs Ohsitdown is hooked on it.

  1. Maybe it would be better if losing contestants were murdered off stage by a ravenous Minogwey…I’d certainly feel a little sorry when the whitneys start to blubber after negative reactions

  2. This John & Edward thing reminds me of the internet poll that Ronnie O’Brien won before. Time magazine ran a poll to vote for the person of the century and O’Brien was winning it when Time had “computer problems”.
    Check out his Wiki page.

  3. is he still toiling away in amerik

  4. I see they are calling John and Edward … Jedward.
    It’s a good job the brothers aren’t called Paul and Rick.

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